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WIP - MyBB Pro
100% Done: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

The goal of this project is to create a improved version of the Default MyBB theme. The theme will have some nice effects such as more use of images, CSS3 round borders, and a need layout.

The biggest feature of this theme will be rounded corners that will be applied throughout the theme. I will be using the CSS3 radius technology that works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and some other browsers. I will not create images for the round corners so that it will appear on IE and Opera.

Now you might ask why not add images for the round borders for IE and Opera. Well if I would do that it will be shame for the CSS3 technology and I am sick of adapting to outdated browsers such as IE. They should go with the new technology instead of waiting a year before they apply it so that other browsers cant claim IE stole the idea form them. Of course every browser steals ideas from each other, if they didn't we wouldn't have those great browsers we have today such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

So please do not come to me and point out that themes should all look the same on every browsers and that it's stupid to not make it rounded for IE and Opera. Althought the rounded borders won't show up in IE, Opera, and some other small browsers I will make sure it will still look great in those browsers.

  • CSS3 round borders (radius)
  • Sleek & Glossy effect
  • More use images to create a nice effect
  • Installed a copy of the Default MyBB skin.
  • Started playing around with the width and header.
  • Added shadow image effect to #container.
  • Finished .thread and .tcat images.
  • Applied CSS3 borders to #panel, .tborder, .thread, and .tcat.
  • Replaced collapse.gif and collapse_collapsed.gif with add and delete buttons from silk icon pack by Fam Fam Fam.
  • Created a new better fitting logo.
  • Added #footer with finishing image for #container shadow effect.
  • Added .tborder2 for showthread template.
  • Applied CSS3 borders to .bottommenu.
  • Removed top padding and added right padding to #copyright.
  • Added theme copyright to #copyright in footer template.

  • Gave the logo some touch ups: bigger font, less stroke, darker gradient.
  • Changed body background picture to the same one as MyBB Forum is using.
  • Created #shadow div and added it around the container to create the same shadow look as MyBB Forum.
  • Reverted footer template and edited the #footer div to the same CSS as the MyBB Forum and placed it in the reverted footer template.
  • Created on.gif, off.gif, and offlock.gif icons.
  • Changed #panel and .bottommenu background and border color to a darker grey.
  • Slimmed the #container width from 988px to 900px so that the #shadow will work which has a width of 980px.
  • Changed #container background color, from white to a light grey.

  • Changed all .png (except for footer.png and shadow.png) to .gif
  • Replaced / in the navigation with a arrow icon from Silk icon pack by Fam Fam Fam.

  • Added padding to .navigation img to make the arrows look more in place.
  • Created all the posting buttons.
  • Added round borders to blockquote and .codeblock.
  • Created .tborder3 and .tborder4 and applied them to the showthread, postbit, and private_read templates.
  • Cleared up the shadow.png and the footer.png - stick more out now.
  • Replaced all normal bullet's in posts with a image from the Silk icon pack by Fam Fam Fam. I did this by adding ul in the CSS.

  • Adjusted the thead.gif, tcat.gif, and trow.gif width to 1px to make it load faster.
  • Made transparent background on on.gif, off.gif, offlock.gif.
  • Changed the thead.gif top color.
  • Added a trow.gif to .trow1, .trow2, and .trow3.
  • Changed the background color of .tborder to light grey/blue color.
  • Added a new table with the forum icon legend in index_stats.
  • Removed the forum icon legend in index.
  • Modified forumbit_depth1_cat, forumbit_depth1_cat_subforum, forumbit_depth1_forum_lastpost, forumbit_depth2_cat, forumbit_depth2_forum, forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost and removed the "Posts" and "Threads tables".
  • Created .threadposts which will make a little white container in the Forum Table with thread and posts count.
  • Made the corners round of .pm_alert.

  • Changed the logo again.
  • Changed the trow.gif and the threadposts.gif image.
  • Replaced the #panel and .bottommenu with the trow.gif image.
  • Cleaned up some stuff such as the tborders, trow, logo, and lastpost alignment.
  • Changed the trow height so that it looks good one 1-2 sentence description but also has the same height.
  • Changed the .threadposts height.

  • Changed the #container background
  • FullMetalBabe was so kind to make a better logo
  • Made new on.gif, off.gif, offlock.gif images based on new logo
  • MyBB Pro 1.0 released! - Download here

100% Done: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Why a whole new thread?
(11-12-2009, 01:49 AM)Aaron Wrote: Why a whole new thread?
Since I changed the main goal and post replies were off topic or not related to the current new goal.
Ah, well good luck Smile
Thanks updated the log with a new preview!
It looks great so far, good job.
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I like it as well, but I don't think the logo suits very well.
Veetri Design & Development, or developer news at Changry
(11-15-2009, 03:48 AM)Infranight Wrote: I like it as well, but I don't think the logo suits very well.
To tell you the truth I agree, I been redoing the logo over and over again but I can't get the right one Sad.

MyBB devs. should consider using this theme as the default, it is alot nicer then the original.

Nice work Zomaian!

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

Zomaian, just curious, are you using CSS3 or images to make this? If you're using images, I would love to know how you did it.

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