PHPmotion User Bridge
Hey everyone!

I run a newly-created Gaming discussion board, GreaterGamer, where members can post reviews and such. However, I want to extend video functionality to the site without forcing the users to either a) use an external source (and thereby worry about strict copyright rules) and/or b) upload their videos as attachments.

I found a pretty popular (and well rated) video site script called PHPmotion ( and plan on installing it to my site. However, I don't want users to have to re-register for the PHPmotion-based video sharing portal.

I am no good with PHP and such [I can edit a good chunk of PHP (most of the HTML sections and some of the PHP) but am no good at coding it)]. I would like to see a PHPmotion User Bridge made so that both either:

  1. PHPmotion would scan the MyBB User database every 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. PHPmotion and MyBB would use the same user database.

If someone could maybe look into this, that would be great and my thanks would go out to you!


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