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Blog/Spam Experiment
I started a blog called spam-test-collection. Its a little experiment. I wanna see if it'll collect spam like any other email account.
The email address to it is: [email protected]
I wonder how long till spambots find it. I'll kill it in about 2 weeks. So if your a spambot lookin for emails, there ya go. Dont anyone sign it up for spam. I wanna see how long it takes to get spam.. Toungue Its got a few in there already, those were a test to see if I could post from any address not just the email address I signed up with.
Looks like all from the same company by the looks of the templates Confused

Well good luck with your study.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Yea, its Gratis Internet. Toungue Pretty much you sign up for offers that make them money then you use a portion of that cash to get you the goods.. I have yet to recieve my goods, so I assume its a scam to make them money. I even checked the BBB and they have no complaints. To top it off, they are apparently registered with the BBB.

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