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I have recently opened a general discussion forum called iDiscuss. I am looking for some members to get the forum started off right, and then I’ll be adding some more stuff; such as contests, etc. The more active you are the better chance you will get of becoming a staff member when the time comes.

Discuss anything from music to web development. Right now, we are looking for some members for our Marketing Team to advertise.


Thank you!
[Image: igG319dTu71gT.png]
You need a domain.
100 Posts - $3.00
PM me for more information.
(2009-11-22, 08:37 PM)iPod15 Wrote: You need a domain.

Yeah...I will once we get some more members Smile
[Image: igG319dTu71gT.png]
When I saw the name, I thought it would be an Apple forum.
That theme is hot Toungue
(2009-11-23, 05:09 AM)Zomaian Wrote: That theme is hot Toungue

Its an IVgeo, they do nice themes.

And just some content and you'll do fine.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Yea add more content Toungue

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