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My website run by Mybb!
Hey everyone. Feel free to take a look at my site. I integrated the forum with my flash chat and my whole website. Feel free to create an account to see how easy it is to use the site.

I spent weeks here and there trying to figure out how people added cool features to their website using Mybb. It was a huge hassle at times, especially when I kept getting parse errors.

So feel free to let me know if you want a feature that's similar to my site and I'll help out. I had zero experience with PHP and I was still able to do the site.

I'm just proud that it's over with! Let me know what you think about the site in general!
Nice, I suppose. It's quite slow, though. And it could stand to be less crowded.
Appreciate the input CAwesome. What does everyone else think of the integrated forum?
What's integrated don't see a lot...
The forum is integrated with the flash chatroom and the website itself, meaning you can login to the forum from any page on the site. So even though the forum is located in another directory, I have it so when I host pages on a different directory, people can still log in. I also have it so you can't see certain content on the site unless you have an account with the forum. That took a lot of work considering I know nothing about php lol.
Ooh good for you Toungue Nice!
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
the site is nice, but i did not liked the leafs background
just my opinion

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