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Trance Life - An electronic music community
Trance Life is a community of electronic music fans. We offer the best downloads of Trance, House, Hardstyle, Techno, etc. Discuss Trance, DJ's, electronic music, DJ / Dance events, DJ podcasts (such as Trance Around the World), our downloads and rate them, DJ equipment, headphones, etc. You can even promote your own music. Join today!

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Get a better theme, jokes its mine so not really. Maybe think about buying a domain.
Please confirm that you are not breaking copyright and you rightfully own this music.
Thanks, Polarbear541
All download posts seem to link to places to purchase the music like iTunes & Amazon, so I don't think there's anything illegal about it.
Ah sorry didn't notice that :p
Like the theme btw Smile
Thanks, Polarbear541
Polarbear541 most trance music is free since its usually mixed/remixed. ZeroBASS is one of a great Trance artist who provides his music to be download free ^^
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
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