Facebook Connect, Twitter, & OpenID logins.
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(2010-03-28, 07:41 PM)afrothunder Wrote:
(2010-03-28, 07:36 PM)ccalby Wrote: is that what this plugin is called? MyNetwork?

Is that what what plugin is called?

Sorry to bump this old thread but what is the name of the plugin you have used in your site to get facebook twitter and wlm?
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(2009-11-26, 11:52 AM)Tomm M Wrote: As for Twitter and OpenID, I haven't heard anyone else doing it.

I'm not sure if they were supporting Twitter and OpenID in 2009, but now, Vanilla Forum supports all major social platforms. You can login with Facebook, Open ID, Twitter, or your Google Account.

I really wish MyBB had this strong integration, because I find MyBB to be significantly more versatile than Vanilla.

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