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hi guys

i thought you may be interested in my forum.

it covers all subjects and your all welcome to visit. we are a very secure forum with some great sections covering subjects to interest everyone from music right through to art and buying/selling and much much more

i have now added even more sections to cover adult fun / medical advice / gardening plus a lot more
umm hey!!

1st congratulations for ur forum
but i'd like to give some comments

Navigation Bar : Make wheter all links are images , or text, dont mix half with images, and hald with text.
Forumbit icons : try to make them of same look. or close a little .
themes: make more modifications

see ya
im still learning the software so any pointers in the right direction would be greatful Smile
you have disabled registrations.
registrations are fully open i think there may of been a small problem with the ip 's and limiting to 1 account per ip so ive altered that now

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