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First off I want you to know I have search and read many posts concerning this basic topic. And though they have been informative, they don't seem to directly address what I am looking for. So I will ask it directly here and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I want to completely include the forums WITHIN my website's main template (which I just finished revising and perfecting). It is a three column format website with an upper header space. The website's mainpage contains my new template and can be seen here:

I basically want the whole forums (all pages) placed right smack dab in the center context column, directly below the header. From there I can change the forum templates to match sytle and colorization with the rest of my site. But I want every page of the website and forums to contain my website's default header, left and right sidebars. With the forums in the center column.

This question does not involve intergrating myBB login credentals with my website. I have managed to do that very effectively and any member of the forums is also a member of my websites members area. So I got that working. This is mainly a style question. Is there any way to dump the forums into the center column (without the forums header BTW).

It would add an incrediable amount of consistency and look very perfessional if I can manage this. And maybe there is a way I've missed that is already explained elsewhere in these forums. But maybe someone will be kind enough to re-address this issue here.
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I would make a separate page on your site and use iframes. some people say they hate iframes but who cares about them. It works, and unless your user is on an archaic browser they wont have any problems.
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Yea, get rid of the header and footer on your MyBB templates then use an iframe to include it in.
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Sorry for jumping in absenm, but I too, want to do the same thing. I am converting my entire site to php. The problem I am having is for my main site I am using php includes like this
<?php include 'header.php'; ?>

However that obviously won't work, as I quickly found out that MyBB does not allow php code. I tried a MyBB plugin that supposedly allowed php in templates but it gave me an error...

I have thought about iframes but then the header, left and right sidebars, and the footer cannot act as smoothly and interact with each other. Also there is always the issue of iframes not having a dynamic height. If your forum page ends up being longer than you expected, then you must manually resize the iframe...
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You can copy and paste the contents of header.php into the header template.

If you need one-on-one help with this, let me know.
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Doesn't MyBB not allow php code in the templates? What if I were to need to call for example the users username? I was under the impression that the MyBB template system only allowed HTML. I know it uses PHP files in the end result however. I don't quite understand the way it works.

P.S. Thanks for the fast response!

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