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[Release] Snowy Snow
Thanks all for your comments Big Grin

@Infra: it was way brighter before Toungue I think an outline to the bottom snow would fix it. But, I want to keep some snowy bright Toungue (Don't you have to wear sunglasses on the real snow too lol)

@Computergeek: I love Museo, it's such a nice font. I specially like it a bit less spaced (as you can notice).
(Oh and by the way that was me and Combus talking with forum names Toungue)
Great theme Smile
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The theme have been released Big Grin First post edited.
Looks nice combus Smile

Thanks, Polarbear541
Thanks Smile That was fast!
Love the name Toungue

This theme is awesome... I may use my "free" theme voucher on this, but I'm not quite sure yet Big Grin
Don't you think the snow is snowy? Toungue

And you could use your voucher whenever you want. Though, I'll be setting a max time for the people who haven't claimed their theme, once that time is past, I'll re-make the raffle for the amount of people who didn't claim the price.
How do you get a free theme voucher? Are they still available?
[Image: igG319dTu71gT.png]
They were part of a raffle I made some time ago, to enter you only had to take a survey. But it's ended now.

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