[REQUEST] Super Paypal Mod (Perhaps combined with ad mod)
I know that the Paypal mod is in existence, but I want paid subscribers to have advantages over normal users:

1. There is no quick reply box for normal users.

2. Subscribed users have the option to change their username color/font/size (the size changing is limited).

3. This is integrated with the Google ads after first post mod. Ie, ads are displayed only for unsubscribed users.

4. There is a page listing the users and perhaps their donations.

5. A newsletter? Would that be possible?

6. A raffle system of sorts. Ie, there would be a link on the admin CP such as: "Random Paid User". You would choose the criteria: ie subsciption date, post count, online time, etc. You would be able to choose less than or greater than. (Ie subscription date is less than December 2005 OR (post count is greater than 50 and online time is greater than 2 days)).

7. Paid members have acess to additional post icons, etc.

Some additional features could be added also.

What do you all think? I think that items 1, 3, and 6 would be very good incentives for subscribing...

Sorry if my grammar was bad. You see, I was typing quickly.
I think some of these are rather specialised to what you need. A page with a list of paid users was something I had planned on doing before lots of people started requesting it, so I released it earlier than I normally would.

I might try implementing 5. I think 3 would be up to the person who created the ad mod, although I could try looking at their code to see what I could do. It's not a bad idea. All of this will have to wait until I've done my cash mod though.
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Ok, thanks. Smile

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