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Friday Fever
Let me know what you think, its a standard template with a logo I designed.
[Image: logopf5.gif]
looks great mate.. only thing i see weak about it is the squares of different sizes and shape on the header..i think i know what you're trying to show here.. like a sort of pop-disco feeel. doesnt quite deliver IMO.. but over all looks neat.. Smile
MyBB = awesome
[Image: Lengua-fuera.png]
Thanks, I tried messing around with the logo a bunch. I may shrink it down a little to see how that fits.
[Image: logopf5.gif]
it gr8 very nice

however i'd perefer or actually recommend not having that think table bordersSmile

see ya
Thanks for the advice but what do you mean by 'think' table borders?
[Image: logopf5.gif]
Not bad but I suggest you work on the logo more. It looks to me like it was done in Paint.
Interested in getting some more feedback, so please respond to the link. So far I have been told that the banner is low quality and the width is to small. I have changed the width slight but it is still static, I may move it to a variable width.

Any more feedback is appreciated.....Thanks.
[Image: logopf5.gif]

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