[Tutorial] Adding Thread Type (Sticky)
Yes its not free , but as stated above it has some other features also , nice tut also Wink
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thanks for free guide ..
thaks for tuto...

anybody know how add stick.gif after title and "number of pages" of thread ?

solved: i used this http://community.mybb.com/thread-31137.html

[Image: FWzId.png]
Thanks, I'm going to try this...
I would've thought this would be part of the v.1.8.x CORE myBB or at least a proper Plugin by now, but aye, I'm still new to myBB from phpBB (still working things out), I need to Have "Global Stickies" for Forum Rules etc....

P.S - I have a theme called DarkLear from Codester.com & still havent found out how to edit Theme, all I can edit is the .css files in ACP (there are Social Buttons to Edit, Announcement Section and Footer Text... hmmmm, can somebody PM HOW I Do This plssss, looked everywhere on google to find a tutorial!

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