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Forum Borders / Boxes
Hi all,

Does anyone know how I can remove the lines between the forums listed in a catergory?

It's bugging me. CSS has all borders removed, therefore a style couldn't possibly be setting this standard, but also I can't see anything in the "forumbit_depth2_forum" template.


Screenshot please.
Coming soon..
The easiest thing to do is make the border color look transparent by using the trow1 and trow2 background color for the border color.
The line that split the boxes of each forum.

@computergeek67, but I don't know which line of code controls these borders!

[Image: Foro_De_MyBB.GIF]
It's the .tborder class in the global.css file.
You need to change the background color for the .tborder class. Not the border color.

[Image: tborder_delete.png]
(12-19-2009, 03:42 PM)RPicard Wrote: You need to change the background color for the .tborder class. Not the border color.
Ah! Totally flew over my head. Yes, that would be the way of doing it.
Yeah, I've had that same problem before.
(12-19-2009, 04:21 PM)RPicard Wrote: Yeah, I've had that same problem before.

Ohhh I've just realized that these aren't borders around the forum tables, but just mask that covers the complete background of all tables!

That bring me onto a new question, how to I squish the forum tables horizontally together so that there isn't a 1px gap between them? (the gap which looks like a border)

Is that MyBB 1.2? (or are you just using the toplink icons?) You should first upgrade before making any changes, or you might have to do it again. And if you're really using IE6 please upgrade or switch to a modern, faster and safer browser (I recommend Google Chrome), or are you just fixing IE6 bugs for your forum?

And one more recomendation, after you upgrade (if you're planning to do so), first get a custom theme. THEN you should fix any existing bugs, unless you're planning to use the default theme.

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