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Default theme under custom theme
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Somehow, my board appears to be displaying both the blue myBB default theme with a customized version of Unreal Red on top of it. I have had a sneaking suspicion that this has been occurring for some time as when the page loads, I often see some of the blue fields before the full theme loads. I was never quite sure if the underlying blue was just some artifact of loading the page, but now that I have activated a poll on the index page, it is more obvious that there is some of the blue theme showing.

Screen shot below.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and if I can remove the underlying theme?


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Make sure you've changed the background color your theme uses in global.css classes .tborder, .tcat, and .tfoot.

[Image: thead_help.png]
What theme you are using?
[Image: eyadHiR.png]
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Thank you so much, RPIcard. I changed the global.css/.tfoot/background from #026CB1 to #7F7F7F and that seemed to do it. I am using Unreal Red and now that I know this trick, it seems like there are a couple of stylesheets in which they still have a blue color referenced. That must explain why I had seen this occassionally as the page would load. I should be able to update all of them now!
No problem. Glad to have helped.

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