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Any Good Templates Out There?
The standard look of the MyBB doesn't really appeal to my taste. I'm looking for a wider more close upped display. Some what similar to vBulletin but I don't really want it to be identical nor a rip off.

Does anyone know of any templates or themes that fit my specified criteria?
If not than feel free to post the template you're using/like.

~ Thanks for reading Smile
There's many temes created, look around for yourself and find one you like.

Browse through here- and I recommend getting a subscription here-
A lot of the "official" themes aren't compatible with the current version of MyBB. I'll try to be more specific with what I'm looking for.

I don't like the look of the actual forums i.e the forum categories etc. I'd prefer it if each category was connected to each other. Also I don't like how the on.gif/off.gif image floats to the top of the box in each forum. And lastly is there a theme that actually looks good if you stretch it to cover the whole page?
They are compatible with the current version, they just weren't "made for it" which means they were made on a forum running a previous version, most likely 1.4.9. Just tick the box labeled "Ignore Version Compatibility". As for your other requests, the first two will require that you dive into the templates of whatever theme you choose. The last one is up to your opinion.
It seems you should make your own theme.

However I suggest looking at mybbsource and admincentralforums.

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