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Request for integration detailed description...
I am new bie to mybb forum board i searched in post where i wont find any detailed description please help me regarding this issue.

how to integrated my website template with forum board mybb which is under another folder.

for example my site under

and my forum board under

now i want to integrate under file with in under my templates.

as i am new it takes time to understand the mybb code so that why i asking for some one to support me.

Thanks for assisting me

Best Regards
please some one help me... ?
The easiest way would just use an iframe Toungue. Otherwise it's going to require a lot of work on your side. I don't know anyone who had done this without having mybb being used for the portal as well.
NetSage Thanks for your kind reply.

hm.. so it need a lot of work to integrate into my webage oh ok. .

once again Thank you

Best Regards
Well not a lot of work now that I think about. But, you would have to mix your sites files in with those of mybb. And, then just change the index.php from mybb and make it forum.php.
oh .. but i thought already to do like that but it may lead to confusion if i create my website.. ok anyway i follow as u said. upto now i waited for a solution that some one may give for it.

now i just proceed with as u said..

Best Regards

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