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[TFF Release] Light Clean
(2009-12-30, 05:09 PM)crypt Wrote: I see you two are turning this thread into a sales pitch, which is understandable..


Quite happy with my own 100% uptime fast server located in netherlands

Yes you read it right one year free hosting no catches then 90pence per month second year

But as you can see i am apparently lack of research Smile

Last post from me , have a nice day

We are merely advertising a theme which is available for our customers - debate only started when you began to pass judgements which we did not find to be fair, thus we argued back. We are not here to advertise/attempt to convince you, and I must say that your demanding and quite frankly, rather hostile attitude is something which I do not welcome.

I have no care in the world for whatever service you are using right now - if you enjoy using it, then you shouldn't feel obliged to switch. Simple. Also, if you don't want the themes or pass any form of relevant criticism on them, then I believe I am correct in saying that this place is not the right place to post.

If are serving you well, then I wish you all the best there - they offer a different level of service to us, which is reflected in the difference in pricing. Inevitably there will be catches and restrictions if you're hosted there, as represented in their terms and conditions - but the same applies for us.

In future, I'd appreciate it if you treat me with courtesy and respect as a fellow member of this board. Yeah, you may be annoyed with the fact that you can't get access to our theme collection, but I feel that you are acting in an offensive manner - something which isn't welcoming to board members such as me. As I always say to anyone with criticism for my business, I'll happily listen to you any time as long as you show me the respect that I show to you.

I guess that I won't be hearing back from you, so have a happy christmas & new year, and thanks for your correspondence. It really was invaluable.

(2009-12-30, 05:49 PM)combus Wrote: @vividWire (Theo?): I think you should talk with Zom and re-think your promotional campaign. In all honestly, bloating a free script's forum with ads for your host is not good for your brand's reputation.

It happened to another host that kept making tons of threads in the Requests/Services/Jobs sub-forum. They ended up beign tagged as spammers, and couldn't came back so again.

Ah, that's interesting - I never really knew that happened, and I appreciate your feedback in that regard. We will certainly rethink the way we do things from now onwards. Many thanks for your contribution! Smile
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Crypt, you need to stop. You're not helping in any way. If you don't like the way they do things then go somewhere else and don't bother them.

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