I need help..
Matt i have the same problem.
I activate the plugin by clycking "Activate" and it doesn`t put the {notice} in the templates=>index..
It`s the same problem with side_boxes and other plugins

So i have to put {notice} by myself..

Why is this problem caused by?
The code this plugin puts in is {$gn} not {notice}...
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It's probably caused by your theme, it should have affected the default theme. Do what MattR said if it didn't automatically add it to your theme.
I think is from the theme too..
If a uninstall the theme is the problem solved or i to do domething else??
Just switch your default theme, try a different theme already installed and it should work on that. Anyways, how is the plugin?
The plugin is fine,i have installed it.Thanks for it

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