Is there any way to mark a thread as unread?

There are times when I've scanned a thread on my forum ( but I don't have time to respond to it at that exact moment. Is there a way to mark the thread as unread (or as still have new unread posts) so that I know to come back to it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It would need a plugin.
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Which I'll make for $15/$10 ($15 if you want to own it outright, $10 if you want it to go into my Subscribers' section)

However, it would go to the bottom of my current queue of non-personal plugins (plugins for myself get developed when I feel like it or really need them Wink ), which happens to be 11 plugins long at the moment. Some of which are quite large. In other words, I wouldn't get to it for awhile lol!
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Or you could click reply, leave a short note, and click save as draft... and get back to your drafts later. The note could even help you remember what you wanted to reply, or that you wanted to reply at all.
All, thank you for your prompt reply. Frostschutz, your solution will work just fine for me.

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