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NanoSkinners Theme Update Thread
Now, before I begin the content of my post, I'm just going to let you know why this thread is posted the way it is. Every time a new theme gets released at NanoSkinners, I'll just update this thread and bump it, so I'm not taking up extra space here, as our themes do cost a small fee.

Currently, we have 6 themes available for purchase. For detailed information on each of the themes, please click the corresponding link.

  1. Gradial - $12.99
  2. Planetarium - $7.49
  3. NanoSpace - $7.49
  4. Electrick Blu - $9.99
  5. NanoGaming - PSP Edition - $9.99
  6. PlayStation Gamer - $4.99

Note: Bold prices indicate the theme is on sale - see the release thread for more information on the sale and when it ends.

As always, the demo site will be updated as soon as a new theme is released;

good u
Wow. These are amazing. After January 30th do you make them free? Toungue
Unfortunately no Toungue
They go back to regular price, which is $9.99.
good u
I have to say, they are very nice themes Smile
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I like them, but the main site is a bit to overcrowded for me.
(2010-01-02, 05:29 PM)Zomaian Wrote: I like them, but the main site is a bit to overcrowded for me.

In what way? Smile
It's quite simple imho.
good u
wow your themes are strawberry amazing, I got 8 dollars in my paypal right now so yea i might purchase it. All of them look fanstastic, i like how all of them are proffessional and have that gaming look, I specially like the electrik blu one.
lol I just purchased the elictric blu... nice theme
Thanks, I'm glad you like them Toungue
good u
Scoutie I wasted 5 dollars on this and just realized this, look where the panel for all the mycodes? Can you fix this? You shoudnt have put on sell as it still needs development bro.     I wasted money on this and its not my money's value yo
Change the Editor Theme to default or Office 2007. That's a minor bug which I forgot to mention. It's because the theme was using a custom editor, but then I deleted it by accident.
I apologize for that issue, it has been corrected. The updates can be seen here:

good u

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