Intermission script or plugin please!!!!!!!
I need a script or plug in that will do this pretend i own a forum then on that forum i post or or something like that then when some one clicks on one of those links such as it will 1st have an intermssion on another site of mine such as for 16 seconds then it will go to

(note i dont actualy own any of those websites)
This is quite easy to do.

Just use a link like :

<a href=">TheActualLink</a>
In your intermission.php you display your message and refresh to the $_GET['url'] after 16 seconds.

header( 'refresh: 16; url='.$_GET['url'] );

//Display whatever you need here
echo 'You will be redirected in 16 seconds...';
?> owner/administrator
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And your intermission.php can even be on the same website, doesn't have to be on a different one.

And if you want this prepended to all links that are posted to your board, you'll need a plugin. Which would likely need to be paid for. Nor will I make it, because the demand for something like this is going to be very low. Why? Because sites that force their members to view ad pages in this manner generally lose membership because it is VERY annoying.
It would make more sense to do an iframe, where you can advertise what you want.

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