MyPlaza Turbo module - Sell Real Items?
I would love to find a module that would allow members to cash in their "points" for actual items instead of just playing games with the points.

There would be an inventory list of maybe 5-20 items (example):
50,000 points - StogieChat Coffee Cup
200,000 points - StogieChat T-Shirt
500,000 points - StogieChat Coat
5,000,000,000 points - StogieChat BMW 128i Convertible (lol!)

The member would select what item to purchase with the points. The system will deduct the points from the member and then ask for the members name, address, and phone for shipping. Once completed, a notice would be PM'ed to the "forum contact person/sales agent" who would be an admin or moderator. A control panel would be needed where mods or admins can view and process the orders.

A mod like this would be very useful for anyone using the forum in a business environment. Everyone wants free goodies and this method will not only help branding a company name, but also entice members to join and post.

I thought that the MyPlaza Turbo actually had an inventory system, but I'm either missing it, or its just virtual game playing with the points. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or would be interested in making such a module....let me know!
Just add those items, and when they buy it get it sent to them. It would be to hard to have it sent automatically through one of the modules.

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