Video Embedding/Hiding
Hello, I am new to this forum, and very much love Mybb!
But was wondering, if there was a plugin much similar to the video embedding like on this forum?

I like the style of this forum and would very much appreciate having a plugin similar Big Grin.
I'm sorry if my English is bad. Also if you have the time the ratings of the post system, where you select the picture and it rates the post is very nice, thank you!
Do you own that forum? Wow, it's huge! It's got like 2000 members online!
[Image: Screen_shot_2010-12-01_at_18.44.51.png]
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No I was wondering for a video embedding function similar to it. The forum is for a half life mod called garrys mod
This does seem interesting, but I don't know how you would hide the video until they clicked the button. It seems it works for flash and pictures too on there.

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