auto loader for mybb
#11 look here....this autoloader takes your code 123-456-789 and pushes it to the top of the list,most will let you bump your code back to the top every 30 minutes. The codes are then stored in blocks of 250,so gamers can scroll through adding codes on there ipod thank you ...
But what do the codes do?

Is the whole point just to get codes to add more codes to bump your code and then get more codes? Is there some end-use for these codes?

No one understands how this is used or how it's fun.
You can just have users post there codes as there thread title and then bump every 15 or 30 minutes
Sounds like another E/Ipenis thing.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
look at the site, i play an on line game on my ipod.... the more peoples codes i enter in the game the stronger i become. The site lets people enter your code and others .......
Bump. Bump
Get the bump own threads plugin, and create a forum where they can post their codes.
ok been thinking about trying another way
O_O Labrocca's post about the whole codes codes codes thing made me go UH!? then laugh. :L

an1mal, just do it jammers' way. Toungue
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