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Community Gamer
Just a few updates. Its been fairly quiet the past few months, There has been some, but not a lot of site downtime, due to my web host having problems, which were solved very quickly, and then, my hosts servers were updated/moved and improved.

The next thing is we currently have no game servers. My previous sponsor has sadly had to close down, although the website is still up, the have stopped the game servers and control panel. I have been sending out application forms to other companies and I think I have been successful getting a new sponsor who are going to finalise things with me sometime this week as they are going though major server updates and improvements too.

Next, about 3 or 4 months ago, my web host had to close down, and my friend managed to host Community Gamer for a few months, and then when my host came back, both my friend and my host helped me move back and get up and running, which I thanked them for. However, although being back, there is no radio hosting as of yet, but it is being worked on, and I hope to be up sometime this week, or by the end of the month. *Crosses fingers*

As for the website, I have still been making changes and improves day by day, trying to provide as much gaming news as I possibly can. The RSS feed poster plugin has came in handy providing external blog snippets and news for members to read. I think I may need to get some of my mates to help me post gaming news. It is becoming a bit much to post them myself. Plus I can admit, my typing and content skills are not top notch.

As for activity on the site, I am still having to be constantly advertising and asking for people to help me spread the word. I have been very busy at college, where a few weeks ago passed my final assessment rig, where by now I have a diploma and NVQ lvl2 Qualification for site carpentry. So now, I am looking for jobs and sending out cover letters like confetti.

Maybe an odd combination for someone running a gaming community? I think so too but hey! Its what I enjoy doing :]

So anyway, if you like gaming, tech, or just somewhere to chat, sign up to and join in. Game servers will hopefully be up soon, and I will be finally setting up the cGamer VIP Membership where you get more forum permissions, game server membership and more! This will be a paid thing, but I am going to start doing loads of competitions giving away memberships and even games if I can find the funds. I just need to see more forum activity!

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