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.zip (Size: 96.97 KB / Downloads: 286) Is there any theme artists out there that can make a black forum skin with a star wars theme? Based on the game star wars galaxies and for Imperials. Our SWG guild just started a forum for news and events and were noticing the default template is a bit "drab"

If there is no-one here, maybe someone can direct me to a link with themes for star wars. We're new to the forum creation thing, but I've found the option in the admin options to do so and would like to spice it up. If someone can make it I have some really nice graphics all edited for a web site were making as well if you need anything.. I am attaching them for use if anyone wants to help me out.

Thanks so much in advance,
Avonlea (Kettemoor Imperial_SWG)
Chele (IRL)
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request it at please.

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