Reputation mod edit request (possible want to buy dev development)
Can someone lead me to the correct information for this please? I have two questions/requests in regards to the exisiting reputation plugin(s).

First, is there a way to manually change a users reputation as an admin? For example, from 0 to 3, or 10, etc? If not, can there be a way and how do I do this?

Secondly, There's already a comment field for a user. Is there a way to add a second field below that along with proper title or instruction, and make it mandatory that that field is populated before feedback can be left for a user?

For example, I'd like to have that specific field reference back to an existing thread on the forum. A user would copy and paste into this field, an existing thread reference on the forum. Some may not understand why, but it's pretty important for my specific need.

Thank you. I hope someone can add some incite to this please.
Both are possible, for the second one I could make it so it's not a field, but when they add reputation to someone if it's from a thread it shows what thread it's from, and if it's from the profile it could say from profile, or just not allow profile reputation. I will add this as an update to my reputation power mod, hopefully soon.
For the first question. I'd like to ask what are the steps to change individual reputation for a user? How do I make this modification on a per person basis?

For the second question. I suppose it's iTrader plugin I'm looking for. There's a longing for this plugin. How much would it cost to pay a dev to create it? I have no idea how much typical plugins cost.

The iTrader feature is basically the rep plugin, with one more fields under it that requires a link to an existing thread on the forum, to reference the transaction. There's another field that allows you to selection of whether you were a "buyer", "seller", or it was a "trade" transaction. Two new fields in addition to the "reputation" and "comments" field.

To prevent abuse of the system, the transaction field must be populated or you can't leave the feedback.

I'm actually in dire need of an answer to question one, and if the price is right, request of a plugin is very possible. Here is what iTrader looks like, as explained above.

[Image: itrader.jpg]
I could create a plugin like that, but since it is exam time I cannot do it right now. After exams I will update many of my current plugins with new features, and create new ones.
Good idea. I'll add more this one:
The plugin could create in the usercp home page the list of the threads rep+ that the user have received and the total rep the user have.
[Image: 468x602b.png]
Itrader has been well requested, its about time someone took some interest in making it.
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