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Con you give me this plugin??
Search for NewPoints or MYPS.
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Thanks.I have put it but i have gone to ACP->NewPoints->Upgrade and i have upgrade it...Nothing has happed but befor upgrading it said:

You should backup your database before running an upgrade script.
Only run upgrade files if you're sure about what you're doing
What can happen?
Backup if you want to and continue with the upgrade.
You could lose all the newpoints with a database error... he is just warning you about it.
If you didn't have the newpoints installed don't worry.
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So...i have install newpoints but i want to upgrade:
Upgrade to 1.1
Upgrade NewPoints 1.0 to NewPoints 1.1
And i clicked RUN...
Is that a problem for my forum?can this plugin destroy my posts or threads or anything else(i have 300 posts and 120 users)???
I don't know... I think not.
As I said before... if you are afraid just because the plugin showed you the message, BACKUP your database... If anything goes wrong just put it back.

I did this upgrade and nothing went wrong.. I think a lot of people did this too and nothing went wrong..
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You don't need to run the updater if you just installed it.
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Free version of MYPS from here

I use MYPS and it is AWESOME
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