My local server with MYBB
heloo there,

I have setup a new server at home running Apache 2 over suse linux 1.3 with MySQL 4.1.10a.
That was especially to run my testing board !! TECHEX - The Testings.
now i dont need anymore to worry about my testing board's bandwidth neither the connection speed. browsing the board is faster than browsing ur computer Toungue. so i can modify what ever i want in secs, if a trouble happens, uploading is just a matter of less than secBig Grin!!

so what do u think! have i dont something usefull ??

many thanks
Yeh its useful (Y) i've got one running on localhost to test stuff Smile.

Yes I set mine up about a month ago. It was much better than uploading to my test site and waiting for pages to process. Don't know why I didn't do it sooner o_O.
The only problem is that I can't do sure of how it will work on other servers before I release the mod (Easy Install <_<). *shrug*
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It is always useful to have a test board up, especially if it's on a localhost.
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well yeah i have my online test board Toungue ! but i lost all the bandwidth, and it's not preferable testing on ur official board !! Toungue !!
the good thing, that it's on seperate computer!! not installed on my computer!

btw, welcome back ryan! and welcome back to ur internet connection Wink

Ya I settup a server at home on an old comp i had workes great. Been running it for about a year now.
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