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[Page Manager] Share your custom pages
Wow I love the usermap thing, there was a plugin for this somewhere already, but this is way better I guess.

Its a great plugin sebastian Smile

Developer and Designer
(01-25-2010, 12:02 PM)Gordie Wrote: That doesn't work either

EDIT:'s working with the original imported page. I turned off "Use MyBB Template" and everything is fine.
Just a quick question... It's not showing the location of my members. We have the profile field filled out, but no markers are showing on the map.

The import file does not set the option "Use MyBB Template". Did you set it? Wink

Yes, after running the page it will create a cache file. This cache file is used for about 48 hour. But you can run the site with the update-parameter to force creating a new cache file:

(only admins can update the cache file!)

Plaese do not run the update too many times in a short period. Google don't like this and will block the server ip for some time (max. 15000 requests per day [1 user with a location = 1 geo request to google server]):
Thanks again. It's working perfectly now.
Here is another one: A contact form!

It includes everything you need: Captcha (if enabled in Admin CP) for guest, email verification etc. This page is also language-independent.

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The posibilities of this plugin are unbelievable!

I post some templates I made Smile
Developer and Designer
cool really cool..
Thank you so much.
I'd post mine but they're not useful for anyone I guess Toungue
^ what makes you say like that?
who know if someone needed it. Toungue
(01-30-2010, 05:10 AM)afzulnizam Wrote: ^ what makes you say like that?
who know if someone needed it. Toungue

I don't think anyone will need a page which sorts pages alphabetically lol

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