Redirect on logout
There used to be a plugin for this, but the link is now invalid.
How would I go about redirecting users to an external site on logout?
I'm assuming (though I may be wrong) that it is hardcoded into the member.php file because it checks the logout key of the member???

What code should I edit to redirect to an external site. I HATE performing core file edits!

EDIT: Sorry, this should have been posted in the Modification discussion forum.
Not sure how I made that mistake Smile
NVM...I found it.
Here you goCoolWink

.php   redirectlogout.php (Size: 2.49 KB / Downloads: 117)
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Thank you so much!
(2010-01-18, 03:00 AM)DragonFever Wrote: Here you goCoolWink
Thank you.
Submit to the Mods database!!!
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