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[Release] ProPortal 1.0: A More Functional Portal!
Is anyone able to provide the code for a block that shows the forum categories? Thanks in advance.
any one can provide me download link?
I have it on my PC but don't know if license allow me to distribute it, and I read from some thread that it has a serious vulnerability or something.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
the exploit is only avaiable if you have html and RECENT THREADS box enabled (not sure though)
New download link if anyone needs it:

hello , can somebody help me ??? i would to downloads pro portal
Please use this link to download:
Sorry guys, I didn't realize my mirror had gone down! I've updated my post here and you can find the new mirror here:
[Image: 422.png]
nvrmind. can be deleted.
i have a problem it wont work it errors during install with

Now that the basic tables have been created, it's time to insert the default data.
Warning [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 431 - File: C:\\www\portal\install\index.php PHP 5.3.4 (WINNT)
File 	Line 	Function
C:\\www\portal\install\index.php 	431 	errorHandler->error
C:\\www\portal\install\index.php 	147 	populate_tables

The default data has successfully been inserted into the database. Click Next to insert ProPortal templates.

and then it doesnt show any of the premade blocks and layout and if i add a new 1 it still doesnt please help i am using mybb version 1.6.4

i followed a tut well more of a fix on another post here

and basically 1.6.4 messed up the proportal installation so you will need to download mybb 1.6.3 from install the plugin and go to websitename/portal/install and then once that is installed you have to backup portal.php i renamed it to portal.php.old and then i upgraded to 1.6.4 from and then deleted the new portal.php file and renamed portal.php.old to portal.php this made it function perfectly thanks for the tip on the other post i can actually find the post again though Big Grin

i would also presume u cud install proportal on a new 1.6.3 installation and then extract certain database tables and files and import them in the existing 1.6.4 however i am not sure which files or tables this would be

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