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my website
is anybody else having the problem, that whener you leave for about 10 minutes and then come back and your logged out? Well when that happens I click on 'log in' and when I do that it shows that im logged in, in the member bar! I know it sounds confusing but probably a cache problem?
Do you have more than one domain? That happens to me when i come here from the domain
[Image: MiNT.png]
only 1 domain and it's really annoying, I have DNS though. Also, where could I get the default MyBB theme? I erased it and the template aswell, i've tried using mybb_theme.xml from the download package but it doesn't work
anybody know how to ge the original theme from?
review, suggestions, comments?
u want a review from a IPB??? u are on the wrong place
[Image: banner468x60.jpg]
[Image: bluelogo2.gif]
Cloud Strife said it perfectly.

Your forum no longer seems to be powered by MyBB, so you can't show it off in the Showcase forum.

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