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my website
The link is im signature, I just started it so don't expect much. Rolleyes

Please give me suggestions, comments, reviews, etc... Thank You. Big Grin
Looks pretty nice Smile. One small sugestion, if u use a slow connection or PC the background images of the tables get loaded after the beackground colour. You should make the bakground colour similar to the colour of the backgroundimage (right now you have this nice black theme, but sometimes the blue from the original theme is still visible for a shurt time).

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oh that sucks, but I have a little blue in the banner so it probably won't look that bad, does it?
Just change it to grey in the admin CP
I updated the skin
What skin is that? It's pretty nice. How do you have 300+ members? Are you faking accounts?
lol, what do you mean? I can't have that many?
I think he means you have 300 over members but your frontpage shows only 2 Threads with 5 Posts.

I believe you have hidden forums, as I can see your Forum Stats,
oh I actually erased them all and started from scratch
Looks really good, looks like you put a lot of time into it

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