Could someone make plugin for mybb equivalent plugin for vBulletin LBcache? link to the plugin and the principle of
Also found useful by reducing plugin sql queries

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Grzegorz form Poland
Nice idea. Is it possible to do sth like that ?
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Without knowing how it's work, I see no no way.

You could try XCache, eAccelerator or MemCache.
I can PM you this plugin if it helps.
(2010-01-26, 08:48 PM)Grzegorz Wrote: I can PM you this plugin if it helps.

I guess this would be against licence. Try XCache, eAccelerator or MemCache. All of them are very good caching systems!
This is a bit different to what XCache etc do. I actually thought up this idea before and did something but IDK where I got up to. From memory, there's a few limitations for these things.

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