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Acclaim Waikato - New Zealand
Hi there

Before I begin, it needs to be pointed out that my writing skills, along with my spelling, is nothing to write home about so please be pre warned. My intelligence with all this Internet Technology ... well, I am only learning and loving every second of it! We were'nt even allowed to use calculaters at school back in my school days. You youngsters just don't know how lucky you are nowadays Big Grin

My name is Franciscus Van Helmond, I am a 52 year old guy born and bred down here in New Zealand.

In 1992 I suffered a severe Lower Back Injury which forced me to give up my job as foreperson for a company installing Watermains in and around Auckland. A heavy job involving a lot of hard manual labouring, operating diggers (excavators) etc and an assortment of other machinery/equipement.

I was "covered" by the Accident Compensation Corperation (ACC). During 2001 and 2002, my long term injury file was transfered to a company called AON for "Better Managing". In short, they interefed with my Work Capacity Assessments which resulted in me maraculousely regaining a full capacity to work! The day after my Weekly ACC Intitlements ceased I found myself on WINZ as a Sickness Benefit for exactly the same injury!

Being from the "old school" so to speak, I started asking questions. I have been getting up their arses ever since and won't walk away from what they did until they reinstate my ACC and on top of that, pay me a few million dollars for the damage they have done to my life!

Thats a bit of my background history. Now about my MyBB installation.

Find it here =

Other than the obviouse reasons (as out lined above) for this forum, the other reason to have my own forum was because of all the unmoderated postings and personal attacks made by some members on other members, on this site - - of which I am also a member of.

I and others needed a place where we could progress our long standing issues with ACC, not go around in circles if you get my drift.

My "Mybb" installation has only been running for a week or so and isn't really quite completed yet, i.e. content etc. I had been using Aef since just before Christmas but, after looking into the pro's and con's of using Mybb I quickly changed over. The Aef installation is still there but since yesterday, has the "Closed" sign on the front door. By tomorrow I will have emailed all members advising of the new forum and their need to re-register.

MyBB has some excellent "plugins" - you MyBB developers should be proud of yourselves. This is an excellent forum. Easy-as to install, setup, and Very User friendly.

Previous Aef installation -
NEW MyBB installation -

If its ok with this forums admin and moderators, can I also ask the following from MyBB forum members - By what I have read here on this forum all you people are great. I have visited some of your MyBB creations and am very impressed. You people live in countries that have their own Injury Compensation set-ups for the workers. Having an international section on my forum, it would be great if you were to sign-up and sometimes contribute with horror stories from your country. An example - A few years ago, Injuryed people in the USA were getting totally scamed by an insurer named UNUM (or UNUMProvident). They were (and possibly still are) operating as like our NZ ACC is operating. I would like to hear of any story where hard working individuals are getting ripped off.

Thank you. I hope this introduction isn't too long or off track too much. Please don't forget that my MyBB forum installation is still having content transfered over to it.

Your feedback is most welcome.

Franciscus (Fran) Van Helmond
aka Blurb

PS: Ladies, I'm single and very much available for marraige - I live in a HouseBus and am always broke. I don't cost much to keep Angel

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