MyBB 1.03 Released - Security Update
As some of you saw, when these forums were attacked, there has been the discovery of another serious security exploit in MyBB.

Soon after the boards were exploited, backups of the forum were restored and the discovery process began. Due to access logs being completely useless (Corrupt), I took to the code and found the potential vulnerability the attacker exploited.

Available immediately, we're announcing a security update for MyBB dubbed MyBB 1.03. This exploit affects ALL COPIES OF MYBB including previous versions. We recommend everybody update their board as soon as possible.

The update fixes the found SQL injection vulnerability (Critical) as well as several other medium priority vulnerabilities recently discovered. (Due to be released tomorrow anyway)

Affected files:
  • global.php
  • search.php
  • usercp.php
  • inc/functions.php (Version number change)

Updating Your Board
Please check your Admin CP to determine which MyBB version you are currently using.

If you are running MyBB 1.02
  • Download the files in the attachment below and upload them to your forum.
You do NOT need to run the upgrade scripts.

Any previous versions
  • Download the latest copy of MyBB from the MyBB website.
  • Proceed with an upgrade as you usually would.
If you are running MyBB 1.01, or MyBB 1.0 then you do not need to run any upgrade scripts.

MyBB Group

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Manual Patching Instructions

Please follow the instructions attached to this post if you wish to manually apply this update to your forums.

Attached Files
.txt   mybb_103_manual_patch.txt (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 1,313)
The discussion thread for this announcement is here:
Attacker Details
We've also decided to release the details of the attacker who performed the SQL injection exploit here. This information is provided so that you can take the necessary steps to ban this user from accessing your forums.

Username: dedo (They previously registered here)
Email Address: [email protected]
IP Address:
To fix the issue whereby searching no longer worked after updating to 1.03, see this post:
Peter Akkies

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