[Request] Show "Forum Led By (admin) mod
Does anyone know if there is a mod for MyBB that does the following
Quote:Forum Led by: Admin
where Admin would = any admin on your board and when you click on Admin, you'd be taken to a page that would display only the admin of the board? Thanks! ^_^
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Could elaborate more on this please? I don't understand.
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See below:

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Is there a mod for MyBB that can do that?
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All you need to do is add one or more moderators to your forum.

In the Admin CP, on the forum management page, click on the name of the forum you wish to add them to, and then the "Add Moderator" link.
That's true. My biggest issue is the fact that I have 5 admin (or soon to be admin, and a countless # of super mods and mods). I was actually looking for a way to make my board look neater. ^_^
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