Not Solved What is the Index Template?
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I'm wondering if I'm only stupid or if it is relly as complicated as I think. I can't find the Index Template where I can change the forum/category rows. In the template section I've expanded the "Index page" Templates.

There I can find the following Templates, which do not really match with this one I'm looking for.

* index [Change Original]
* index_birthdays [Change Original]
* index_birthdays_birthday [Change Original]
* index_forum_lastpost [Change Original]
* index_loginform [Change Original]
* index_logoutlink [Change Original]
* index_modcolumn [Change Original]
* index_pms [Change Original]
* index_stats [Change Original]
* index_todaysbirthdays [Change Original]
* index_welcomeguest [Change Original]
* index_welcomeguesttext [Edit] [Revert to Original] [View Original]
* index_welcomemembertext [Change Original]
* index_whosonline [Change Original]
* index_whosonline_memberbit [Change Original]

First I thought it's in the index-Template. But there I can't find it.

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Easy mistake to make - but don't forget that forum listings applies not only to the index but to forum and category view where there may also be listed forums. The templates you're after are all prefixed by forumbit_
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