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[For 1.6] Quick Theme OnChange
Yeah nice, works for me. Thx Pro. Big Grin


As a registered user, it is perfect. As a guest do I get an mysql error.


MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

SELECT name FROM mybb_themes WHERE tid =


Any idea?
Oh right. This one will work. This time I tested it Smile

$query = $db->simple_select('themes', 'name', $mybb->user['uid'] == 0 || $mybb->user['style'] == 0 ? 'def = 1' : 'tid = '.$mybb->user['style']);
$current_theme_name = $db->fetch_field($query, 'name');
Yeah, now is it perfect.

THX EviLito Big Grin
I have a question.

You can still adjust it so that even a guest / unregistered the name of the respective themes gets read?

In this variant gets a guest only the default theme as word read.


Ok solved. I have found it.
Thank you for this plugin, works like a charm on 1.6.10
I solved, thanks..
Thanks works on 1.6.11 too and i add some things basic to only registeder users can use it xD.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

Does anyone else get a redirect loop on MyBB v1.6.12?
Need some help with this, added it onto my forums and it won't change themes at all.

No matter what theme i set to the default in my ACP... i then go to the theme changer at bottom of page and change it, does the next page where it loads, but still keeps the theme on no matter what.

I don't have a theme enforced either.

Anyone know how to fix this?
I'm using the latest version of mybb 1.6.12


I noticed, when i sign out i can change themes.

How do i fix this so i can use the theme changer when signed in?
It also kept forcing a theme on me, and didn't have drop down box on that one theme, even when i went into my ACP and changed the theme and then clicked enforce (still wouldn't change)
(2013-04-30, 03:08 AM)EviLito Wrote: Oh right. This one will work. This time I tested it Smile

$query = $db->simple_select('themes', 'name', $mybb->user['uid'] == 0 || $mybb->user['style'] == 0 ? 'def = 1' : 'tid = '.$mybb->user['style']);
$current_theme_name = $db->fetch_field($query, 'name');

Works fine on MyBB 1.8, anyway where exactly to put this code mentioned above?
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