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[Custom Profile Fields] On registration but not required?
Try "Additional Settings For Custom Profile Fields" by MyBB Hacks. works great!
(2011-07-01, 08:43 AM)dandv Wrote: Of course. I was pointing out that many things have been fixed since 03-29-2010, when Aristotle said that no bugfixes would happen.

(2011-07-01, 08:28 AM)Tomm M Wrote: The idea behind the registration page is to be as simple as possible, with only required (or basic forum options) fields being present. Hence, why there is no option to display non-required custom profile fields.

That certainly makes sense. What I've seen on my forums (non-technical audience) is that if users don't see the custom profile fields on registration, rarely do they bother to go to their User CP and update them. It's simple psychology: people's time is precious, and they're unlikely to go back after registration and fiddle with yet another profile to configure. But at the same time, people love self-expression. So let's give them a chance to do that with minimum effort.

Since the fields are optional, those in a hurry don't have to fill them in, so displaying the optional custom profile fields works for both needs. Those who are likely to never fill them, will skip them at registration, and those who need a simple nudge will fill them at registration.

Perfect insight! It's literally like you said.

Another problem is when I set "Editable by user?"

There should be an edit-once option, to avoid people fooling around with some options. Really, it makes sense people can set gender and place where they were born once, but not updating.

They can always require the admin to edit, if they actually change gender in reality, never heard of 2 changes in life anyway, lol.

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