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Hi, i'm new here and I would like to know how I can and if I can install a myBB forum on

I would also like to know how I can put my forum on my domain like that :

Thank you very much !
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I think you need a server first.
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MyBB is as easy as 5 minutes of time to install. Here is the lowdown on how-to:
  • Download MyBB
  • Create a MySQL Database on your host via cPanel
  • Create a MySQL user in your cPanel
  • Assign the database user to the newly created database
  • Create an FTP Account
  • I recomment Downloading FileZilla to do your FTP transfers
  • Install FileZilla
  • User your sites name w/o www. to enter the information for 'host' - (Example-
  • Use your cPanel Username and Password to login to FileZilla assigning the port as 21-22
  • Locate the Public_html directory
  • In your Public_html directory create a folder called forums
  • Drag and Drop the contents of the Upload folder to your forums folder in public_html directory
  • Do the proper CHMOD measures before trying to install found here
    (CHMOD Note: CHMOD'ing in FileZilla, you right click the files/folders and go to 'File Permissions' and change them to the ones labeled here)
  • go to your site and run the installer (
  • Next go through the installer, it only takes about 5 minutes
Note: Make sure to have your new MySQL database information handy username/password/etc before running the installer
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Hope it helped you mate Smile
Daily Discussion Community - Where we aim to get people talking!
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thank you

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