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[release] Additional registration condition plugin
This plugin adds an additional check box to the registration agreement which you can add your own condition. This can be used to include something which is not included in the registration agreement or to emphasize a point by forcing specific agreement to it.

One use for this is to deny registrations for users under a certain age or to make users agree not to violate copyright law on your forum, etc.

You can edit the condition text, the error text and select whether to deny registration to people who do not agree to the box or to require administration activation.


This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Beautiful. Tested and works perfectly.
The ACP option is very simple to find and edit.
Very happy mate thankyou again.
That is amazing. It can't only be used for stuff like age, but for so many other things.
Thanks guys, I just added a link so it can be downloaded from the mods site where it has now been approved.
How about multiple checkboxes?
downloading, thanks
where's the configuration options? I'm not seeing it anywhere. =(
(2010-02-21, 02:41 PM)faviouz Wrote: How about multiple checkboxes?

Just make another instance of the plugin, so make another copy of the plugin file, rename it regcondition2 then edit it and pretty much just find and replace "regcondition" with "regcondition2", you can also edit the plugin name and setting group title to make it easier for you to distinguish them.

(2010-02-21, 09:01 PM)Shemo Wrote: where's the configuration options? I'm not seeing it anywhere. =(

It is under the settings called "Custom registration condition."
I meant something built-in. Like a "Add a checkbox" button and "Manage checkboxes". Can it be done?

Congratulations, a very good plugin
right now I download and try it
is very useful.

Thanks for sharing Smile


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