It's not really a good MyCode but I do not see here or mail.
Apture is not evil and does everything alone Smile

So 1st thing to do: Register on you Apture http://www.apture.com/

Then via the website you will retrieve a code like:

<script id="aptureScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.apture.com/js/apture.js?siteToken=un ID" charset="utf-8"></script>

it'll just go in style & template => template => your theme => footer => footer.
Past code after

<!-- End powered by -->

Demo : http://mycode.fr.nf/thread-75.html

Everything is done automatically, you just have to move your mouse over icons.
Sorry for my thread english but i'm french ;p
Wow! Thank you so much! But I don't understand quite how to get to that code. Could you be a bit more spesific?
You must register http://www.apture.com/ , then configure your account (all free)
Sorry for my thread english but i'm french ;p
So I go Sign in>Sign up here>other platform>then what? I guess I am just stupid.
Okay, that's awesome. But, how do you add the stuff to the posts?
Edit: Wait, it does that automatically? How does it tell?

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