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Crystal Lounge
I have no idea, I don't keep track. Wink Also, I don't understand how it takes so long. It takes a few hours for your forums, then that's pretty much it, after you've edited the little details here and there. I didn't release this forum until we had our forums up, and were ready. So, I don't just throw them out.

But, this will be my last one for a little while. I'm trying to promote them, and edit them. Wink So, please tell me, how do they take so long for you?
Well good promotion takes a while, then moderating them all becomes more and more difficult as (or if) they grow. You should concentrate all of your effort on 1 or 2 forums and maake them better.

Quality not quantity. Which is better? 2 forums with 1000 posts each and not much rubbish , or 10 forums with 200 posts each and full of spam...?
Trust me, I don't plan on abandoning them or making anymore. I just have certain projects, and then that's when a new forum comes along. But, I'm set for now and, as I said, will not abandon them. Wink

I know what you mean with promotion. I don't know how people get so big. My communities are really just me and my friends so far. Sad
We've had a few updates, so please come check us out! Big Grin
what's your target audience? Why should I register? Try to convince me so I'm willing to register. Smile
We're aimed at anyone who wants to have a good chat. Smile We have a nice community, and a ton of fun topics to post in. Plus, we like to hold contests, play fun games, and just enjoy ourselves. Smile
Why is this...

[Image: 34yo300.png]

...not the banner on your site? Undecided
I can't figure out how to change the logos for these themes. :s
Which themes? You have loads installed.

The banner wouldn't really go with the orange but it would some of the others. Smile
Well, I'd like to start with Novus Black. Also, on the Novus themes, I can't seem to get the text effects to come up. Here's what it shows:

Text Size
[X] (That's a box with a red X in it)

Try posting a reply, you'll see what I mean. Do you know why this is happening?

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