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Staff Positions Open! - Crystal Lounge
Hey everyone, here are some open positions for the Crystal Lounge. Just personal message me with the filled out application should you wish to apply. Smile

Administrator (1)
Moderator (3)

Now for the applications...

Screen Name:
Position Wanted:
Why should you get this position:
What experience do you have:
Will you be active:
Will you advertise:
Do you own a forum:
How popular is your forum:
Rate your activity(1-5):
Rate your leadership skills(1-5):

Thank you! Smile

Link to forum:
Awful logo. Sorry, not going to join.
Is it due to the logo? O_o
(03-19-2010, 12:21 PM)Mod Wrote: Is it due to the logo? O_o

You got to think about your sites appearance if you want people to join....or even become staff for that matter. As I said in my showcase post you need a new logo not just changing the fire that was just one thing I pointed out...
I know, I'm going to ask my friend for a really good logo.
Do you really need staff? You only have two registered users.
[Image: igG319dTu71gT.png]
I'm getting some early, there are a lot of forums.
Yeah but there aren't any posts in a lot of the forums. You'd have staff patrolling a forum with no posts. It seems a little unnecessary. Why don't you wait for members to join, for your forum to get more active, and reward who in your eyes are the best members with staff positions?
The site took about 2 minutes to load. what do you need staff for, you have no members?
Guys, a lot of my friends are going to be joining soon, plus I want to get a head start on it. Thank you for your concern, I understand fully that I'm quite new. But, this is my decision that I wold like to get a few. Wink

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