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The Semantic Web (and related tags for MyBB) the Next Big Thing or not happening?
I have been able to create an Alpha version of a Semantic Web plugin for MyBB*
*The current (experimental) version requires the (modified) use of a paid plugin programmed by someone else.

Intro To 'The Next Big Thing':
Semantics = The meaning of words / the study of meanings
Semantic Web = (edit out long complex definition)
  • The Semantic Web is about making all data types more compatible and understandable for humans and machines.

~2001: The Semantic Web had a big initial buzz, and some investments.
~2008: Thomson Reuters, a huge company, invested heavily in the 'up and coming' Semantic Web and launched their "Calais: Connect. Everything" service.

2010: The Semantic Web still has not gone mainstream or turned into a Massive Multi-Billion or 'Trillion Dollar Global Evolution' of the Web.
"Some of the challenges for the Semantic Web include vastness, vagueness, uncertainty, inconsistency and deceit. Automated reasoning systems will have to deal with all of these issues in order to deliver on the promise of the Semantic Web." ~Quote is from Wikipedia

The Semantic Web Exists Today
  • Currently Yahoo! *does* support and search for Semantic tags, and there are Semantic related (RDF) plugins for Wordpress and Drupal.

The Semantic Web and MyBB Plugins
(If the long awaited birth is ever going to happen, then...)
  • Getting a head start on the 'Next Big Thing' would be a great way for MyBB to effectively compete with other forums.

Related Questions:
1) In general: Is there any community support or interest in 'thinking ahead', or is everyone happier focusing on today's trends (i.e Facebook and Twitter)?
2) Specifically about the Semantic Web: Based on what you currently know, will the Semantic Web develop into a substantial, epic success, or will it continue to slowly never really happen in the mainstream?
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