[SOLVED] Adding GUID to plugins
ok, when submitting my plugin it asked me to put the GUID of my plugin (which it generated) into the Plugin_info bit.

What exactly does it say in the example - as now I added the guid bit without copying and pasting from the example.

Now it says:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /home/a9541859/public_html/community/inc/plugins/userbarplugin.php on line 28

Code (lines 18 -30)
function userbarplugin_info()
return array(
   "name"    => "Userbar",
   "description" => "Allows simple display of user stats in an image.",
   "website"  => "http://gfx-core.com",
   "author"  => "Tommy",
   "authorsite"  => "http://gfx-core.com",
   "version"  => "1.4",
   "compatibility" => "14*"
   "guid" => "3cdd57b02c41495574f5409e1728307e"

EDIT: I found it, only when i checked the php tags bit in my post lol XD line 27 missing ","

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