Not Solved Theme please? =3
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Hi, everyone ^-^
I was just wondering if you could make a theme of something like...

Colors: Silver, white, sparkly XD;
And also be like... kind of transparent, like this,
Pokemon_Hangout-- A bad Invision free forum XD; <-- My old forum, the theme got messed up, it was supposed to be in the center, and it's not ><'
XD; and something like those colors, too. See, on the bar where the category is, it's like transparent ^-^
So yeah, hope you can do something like this for meh!
Other: Not centered, and... Yeah, that's all =D
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i'm afraid that such request have became so much , and now own is intending to do a theme for anyone Confused !!

so read this tutorial

u will learn Wink

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Okay... *Reads* thanks for correcting me ^-^ Even though i still don't totally get it...
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Ok, all themes are is images. We have no power over how its positioned or anything like that. Any person who would be willing to make a theme for you would just include the images such as on, off, offlock, new thread etc... As its the only thing they can do for you.
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